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The Local Progressive Blogosphere

In a report for the New Politics Institute, Matt Stoller (Blogging of the President) and Chris Bowers (of fame) praised teh liberal blogosphere but pointed out its achilles heel: a lack of local blogs.

An edge among small, local, political blogs also means an edge in small, local, political races. While progressives may have a marked advantage in overall blogosphere discourse, it could also be argued that conservatives are taking a decisive lead in the sort of targeted blogging that will provide them with real, tangible benefits in the 2005-2006 elections and beyond.
If they do not invest time, energy and resources building a local blog infrastructure superior to that currently possessed by conservatives, the comparative advantage of progressives’ overall traffic lead will be significantly reduced.

See the extended…

What nthis means for us:

SoapBlox California (or whatever we choose to call it) is perfectly positioned to fill this need.  By launching with a solid platform (SoapBlox rox!), we will be able to capitalize on a new progressive focus on the need for a community based in California.

Welcome to SoapBlox/California

Well, I guess it officially went online at 11pm PDT on August 11, 2005.  I’m super excited.  If you are interested in helping to build a progressive community for California, shoot me an email at briancl719-pol (at) yahoo (dot) com

There won’t be much on this site until our official launch on September 1.  Check us out then!