Family feud in CA-32: Chu vs. Chu

Yesterday I mentioned the entry of longtime Solis staffer Benita Duran into the CA-32 special election.  As David Dayen pointed out, it’s not really likely that Duran will be able to win, given the fact that she is just now getting involved in a race where Chu and Cedillo will have both raised considerable amounts of money and have campaign infrastructures and name recognition, and where Emanuel Pleitez seems to be making more noise than widely expected, as evidenced by things like this.

I’ll leave it to others to speculate about Duran’s motives for entering the race.  But, inspired by this, I just checked the candidate list for the CA-32 special, and found something interesting:

Judy isn’t the only Chu in the race.

Betty Chu is a City Councilmember in Monterey Park.  Unlike Judy, however, she’s a Republican.  That must have led to some interesting family politics in the Chu household recently, as Betty Chu recently defeated Judy Chu-endorsed CANDIDATE NAME HERE in the most recent Monterey Park City Council election.