In 2010, Democrats need a strong candidate to run in California’s 3rd Congressional District, which is rapidly trending Democratic. In 2006, Bill Durston ran against Republican Dan Lungren and lost by 21.5 percent. In 2008, Durston ran again. This time, he came within 5.5 percent of winning and kept Lungren’s vote total under 50%.

But Durston has decided not to run again. And with the DCCC targeting the district, we desperately need a candidate who can step in and finish the job that Bill Durston started.

John Garamendi is the absolute best person to lead the battle for California’s 3rd Congressional District. He has deep roots in the district – he was born and raised in Mokelumne Hill, owns a ranch there, and was elected by the voters in the district to serve in the California state legislature from 1974 to 1990.


Tell John Garamendi that you want him to run for Congress in the 3rd Congressional district against Dan Lungren in 2010.  

Back in 2007, when John Garamendi addressed the Amador County Democrats, he discussed his longstanding relationship with the district:

Garamendi talked briefly about his time representing Amador, Calaveras and other rural counties in the State Assembly for two years and for fourteen years as a State Senator. He recalled that one of the first bills he introduced was about a water ditch in Amador Co. The local connection is “very important to those of us living in these rural areas” says Central Committee Vice Chair Randy Bayne. As evidence, he noted that every year hundreds of local residents take a trip out to the Touch the Earth Ranch in Mokelumne Hill for the Garamendi Basque Barbeque.

Garamendi will be holding his 32nd Annual Basque Barbeque in Calaveras County in a little over two weeks, reconnecting with the local folks who have supported him for decades. We’re asking him to step up once again to fight for Amador and Calaveras Counties by running for Congress in District 3.

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  1. Which is good as it makes less likely the voters will make the mistake of voting for a legislator.

  2. if john’s not running for gov, then he should run for the 3rd. but if he is still running for gov, then he should stay in that race because he’s the only one that doesn’t piss me off to no end.

    in any case, i’d rather have him in the 3rd than the 10th, for purely selfish regional reasons.

  3. This is pretty much a done deal.  I don’t think the optics of announcing in one Congressional race and then turning tail into another are good at all.  It’s not going to happen.

  4. He just posted this on his facebook:

    “John Garamendi is making a big announcement today at 10:30 in Concord at a one-stop employment center.”  

    So CA-10 it is.  I know if I see him this weekend (and I’m sure I will) I’ll let him know my displeasure of choosing the 10th instead of the 3rd.

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