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Leland Yee,California,politicsI headed southwest a few miles to the edge of the City this morning to grab some pancakes. Now, typically this isn’t blog fodder, or, well at least not fodder for Calitics. Maybe some other blogger would write a hilarious post about pancakes, but not this one.  This pancake breakfast was different, it was a town hall for Sen. Leland Yee.

Now, what he said was nothing that you haven’t heard a million times here.  But he did a good job of laying out all of the facts of the budget mess, and why he voted against many of the cuts in the budget deal.

As we head into the post-May 19 days, we need to do everything we possibly can to ensure that we explain to the public what is going on. Explain to them what the Republicans are trying to do to our government and the critical, and popular, services it provides. Going directly to the people is a great way to start. Legislators and other leaders of the party and other progressive organizations should be going directly to the people. While town hall events, like this one that Gloria Romero was hosting, are of course coming from some political self-interest. Nonetheless, town halls are a good way to do this.

And why not throw in some pancakes?

2 thoughts on “More of this please…”

  1. Yee is opposing several of the special election props, one of the few legislators to do so. While he didn’t talk specifically about his positions, he did explain some of the deficiencies he sees in the measures.

  2. Brian, when I saw the leadin, I thought you were about to audition for a spot on Check Please Bay Area.

    From your descriptions, I would guess that those who did not like pancakes went away hungry.  I don’t like any of the proposition… though 1B has some merit to vote for it as a protection if 1A passes… I would surely want my legislator to tell me what they think instead of dropping “hints”.  

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