CA-10: John Garamendi Caught on Tape

Over the flip, and at Josh Richman’s place, you’ll find the CoCo Times Editorial Board’s interview of CA-10 candidate, and current LG, John Garamendi.

He describes his rationale for running in the race, discusses his issues, and why this district. Beyond the electability issues, he talks about water, healthcare reform and financial regulation.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “CA-10: John Garamendi Caught on Tape”

  1. I wonder why this got posted as being at Josh Richmond’s place when the work to get it online came from Lisa Vorderbrueggen.  

    I guess being a woman in the industry does not count… even on Calitics.  

    That last sarcasm is just needling Brian to be more careful with his attributions.  

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