hCarly and eMeg Can’t Even Get Voting Right

Since we’re going with the eMeg monicker, I can’t help but want to do the same with Carly Fiorina, another failed CEO who wants to enter politics.  Fiorina left HP in disgrace, dogged by charges of corporate espionage. But hey, that’s a record the people of California are going to love right? Oh…and she got thrown from Straight Talk Express at 60 mph.

Anyway, even for somebody who was super busy, and not involved in politics, you’d think that these big powerful CEOs might be thinking about their potential future. Perhaps they could get around to voting, you know, maybe sign up for vote by mail to save themselves time. I understand with all of these initiatives, it can be time consuming, but, you know, have one of your underlings prepare a memo or something.

But nope, Carla Marinucci did some digging, and neither of our failed CEOs can quite get the voting thing down. First, Fiorina, a likely Republican candidate for Senate, voted in just 25% of elections. Ouch:

Fiorina, 54, of Los Altos Hills, who recently acknowledged that she is “seriously considering” a run, has voted in about 1 in 4 of the national, state and local elections in which she was eligible to cast a ballot since she registered in the Bay Area as a Republican in 2000, according to Santa Clara County records.

She didn’t vote in presidential primaries in 2000 and 2004, the county’s Registrar of Voters database shows. Nor did Fiorina cast a ballot in the primary or general elections in 2006, when Californians last voted for a U.S. senator, re-electing Democrat Dianne Feinstein. (SF Chron 6/2/09)

Not that 2006 really mattered in the Senate election, but I’d be interested in finding out who Fiorina supported in that election. Maybe the always sleuthful Carla Marinucci will be able to pin down hCarly on that question, despite the fact that the issue wasn’t worth her five minutes.

Incidentally, I have to say, I don’t think that Fiorina is instantly the front runner if she enters the race, despite her wealth. The CA GOP primary electorate is pretty freaking crazy. And you know who else is pretty freaking crazy? Yup, that’d be Chuck DeVore. So, perhaps Fiorina needs to, um, Talk to Chuck.

As for eMeg…well, it’s even uglier. In a BusinessWeek magazine article from 2000, she was found to lack even a registration at her then current address. She did finally register as DTS in 2002 and then Republican in 2007.  I’m sure the GOP primary electorate will love that little deet.

And if you’re thinking that both of our failed CEOs can simply buy their way through the primaries, well, just ask Al Checchi how that went.

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  1. everyone knows that the free speech that matters comes in stacks and rolls.

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