June 5 Open Thread

Some Links for your weekend:

• Fmr. Senator Migden was released from probation.

• DiFi wants a comprehensive plan for water in the state. The Pacific Ocean appears to have its own water plan, if a short term one, with a likely El Niño later this year.

Dan Walters doesn’t like the LA judicial pay, which was something of the scandal recently.

• Interesting story about the Tranquillon Ridge offshore oil project hearings at CalBuzz. And there’s video!

Update: I wanted to highlight this weekly radio address from last week from Asm. John Perez about the Prop 8 ruling.  You can catch it in Spanish here. It’d be great if all of the weekly addresses could be on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “June 5 Open Thread”

  1. Can you imagine what it must have been like to be her probie and read the paper each morning on the budget cuts and then see the Governor making the cuts give her $132K a year in tribute despite the fact she was sacked by the voters?

    And then see her let off early?

  2. I’m an employee of the University of California. I like to think I play some role in keeping a great university great. I am not sure I will have a job in a month or so.

    I and virtually everyone I daily deal with are frustrated with the current budget catastrophe in the State.

    Yet I have no idea what I can do about it. My represetative and Senator are good people. But there’s this small group of Republicans in fear of primary challenges that would probably be funded by monies from outside the state.

    What can I do to fight this absurd situation?

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