My Dialog With The Guv’s Mailbot

Since the governor’s name is on the email, I’ll just go along with the game and pretend I’m actually corresponding with him.

Sir, I respectfully submit that your reply (included below) to my question is nothing but canned male bovine excrement and that it… as usual, actually… totally missed the point I was trying to make.  Once again, all you want to talk about is CUTS for the elderly and poor, while maintaining your absolute refusal to allow a tax increase for corporations and wealthy individuals that would have them putting  back INTO our society in some kind of reasonable proportion to the amount they take FROM it.  

We’ve reached a sorry state of affairs when those who have never produced anything but graft, corruption and massively inflated offshore banking accounts for themselves can claim to be “victimized” by an “unfair” proportional tax structure but apparently it’s only a sorry state for those who DO have to produce something in order to get paid.

BTW, I don’t GET federally provided SSI payments.  I didn’t even know they existed.  My entire supplemental check, according to those little stubs I get was paid by the State of California and in January of this year it was $97 which constituted my grocery budget for a month.  It’s now $33 dollars and I see where you’re promising to hack even more.

I suppose  when it’s at  zero, you’ll still be claiming that you and the Yacht Party or more than generous with the aged and disabled or at least more so than forty five other states are.   Even if that were true, that only means that other states have already achieved the level of indifference to the plight of the lower classes… commoners… that you and yours appear ready to take California to.  You don’t excuse what Joe did by pointing out that Jack did it twice.

My question was… Now that you have chopped the SSI payments for the elderly poor to a mere token amount, what are you going to do to see that elderly and disabled Californians  don’t find themselves once again choosing between medicines and food or dying like flies in triple digit heat because they can no longer afford to pay their electric bill and eat too?  In other words, now that you have jerked the safety net from under us just what is it that you expect us to do?

It’s very easy to sit on your well fed butt on a plush swivel chair in a richly appointed office in Sacramento and claim that “drastic reductions and difficult decisions have to made” when it’s not your butt that suffers from those reductions and decisions and they are only “drastic” and “difficult” for those who can’t afford buy themselves a vote from the legislators and don’t mill around the same social strata as our millionaire governor.   When those decisions don’t adversely affect you and your rich friends… you know, the ones you go out of your way to keep them from having to pay a proportionate share of taxes… you know, PUT BACK… in some reasonable proportion to the amount they TAKE… it’s far TOO easy.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have had fat cat politicians DOING it for the last thirty years.

This is where I stop playing let’s pretend it’s an email from a real person:

These canned replies that your bots send out are so outdated as to be laughable, especially in view of what’s happening currently.  They are not and never will be the answers to the questions being asked.  One of the things that infuriates me most about politicians in general and especially the ones in your party or who otherwise share your disdain for us commoners, is their tendency to not only think they can talk down to the rest of us like we’re little children who can’t do or think for ourselves but that they don’t even have to extend the simple courtesy of a reply by a real human being.  I don’t do dialogs with robots, except in very special cases… like this one.

The reason I make this exception is that  you can rest assured that I will continue to blog and/or publish these formula answers in every venue that will offer me space just so people in the same boat I’m in can see the total indifference with which you regard the “collateral damage” your own ties to the elitist Yacht Party inflict on real human beings… that’s what we are, you know, no matter how hard you and your crew try to diminish us to the status of mere numbers.

Have a nice day


[email protected] wrote:

> Thank you for writing to me about California’s State Supplementary Payment (SSP) Program.  I appreciate hearing your thoughts about this important issue.


> I strongly believe that our society has a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate, including the aged and the disabled.  That’s why California provides additional funds above and beyond the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments provided by the federal government, even though most states do not.  One-quarter of our budget goes to Health and Human Services – as it should – but in the face of a $24-billion deficit, drastic reductions and difficult decisions have to be made.  Believe me when I say that these cuts have been the hardest decisions of my career as Governor, but we are in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Despite these reductions, California’s SSI/SSP levels are still among the five highest in the nation.


> Please know that my administration and I will keep your thoughts about SSI/SSP in mind during this challenging time.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts about this important issue.  


> Sincerely,



> Arnold Schwarzenegger