Migden’s Reckless Driving Costs State $335,000

You'll recall that in May 2007, former State Senator, current Waste Board Member and rumored SF District 10 Supervisor candidate Carole Migden played demolition derby on a long stretch of I-80 that prompted the panicked people on the road that day to call 911 begging them to lock her up (my favorite quote being “An older white woman, really pale old lady …  just oblivious on her cel phone …. hit the guard rail twice … just crazy.”)  Migden's rampage was halted when she smashed her car into the back of another car, injuring a Vallejo woman.

Well, SFist and SF Weekly report that the State has now settled the claim brought by the injured Vallejo woman for $335,000.  (I wonder if she gets real money or an IOU?)

While Migden's recklessness puts the state another $335k in the hole, keep in mind that that's almost exactly the amount ($350k) that Migden was fined last year by the Fair Political Practices Commission for her 89 violations of California's campaign finance laws.  So, you know, her reckless driving and reckless bookeeping are pretty much a wash for the state.