CA-10: Woods nabs endorsement

Not that is likely to be a huge player in the September 1 election, but this could be a useful quote in some mail:

“Anthony Woods is a historic candidate for a critical point in history,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran, and Chairman of  “Anthony is fresh, eager, and has an incredible track record of service.  His military record is incredibly impressive.  And, he’ll bring vigorous leadership to Congress that will benefit his district.  We urge voters in his district to send him to Congress.”

As we’ve noted around here before, the endorsements have been breaking mostly for Sen. DeSaulnier (local labor) and Garamendi (big labor orgs).  Woods will need a few more of these big name endorsements to keep the momentum and credibility from a $100K+ fundraising quarter. However, if he is able to nab a few more like this, he could very well end up as something of an outside wildcard come next month as the ballots go out.

One thought on “CA-10: Woods nabs endorsement”

  1. Anthony is the only veteran amongst the top-tier candidates competeing in the September 1st primary…no big surprise here.

    John Garamendi, however, did travel abroad during his youth (motivated by the spirit of public service) during his stint in the Peace Corps…

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