Tim Allison Officially Expresses Intention to Run in CA-24

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer for Tim Allison’s campaign in CA-24

This evening I received an email from Tim Allison officially expressing his intention to run for CA-24 (with formal announcement to come in September), after a lengthy exploratory committee phase in which he has been tirelessly seeking the support of activists across the county.  

From the email:

Tim Allison announced today the successful conclusion of his exploratory committee and the beginning of his campaign for Congress in California’s Congressional District 24.

Although Allison will not formally announce his candidacy until September, he has formed a committee with the Federal Election Commission and is raising money and actively seeking endorsements.

“Over the past several months, I have had the privilege to conduct a listening tour in all parts of the 24th Congressional District.” said Tim Allison, “I have spoken to teachers and small businesspeople, doctors and retail clerks, farmers and students. Everywhere I went there was both optimism and uncertainty.  People want change.  They want to leave a better country for their children.  They want to know that their job is secure and their pension will be there for them when they retire.  They want a strong educational system and affordable healthcare.  They also want a representative in Congress who shares their values and will listen to their concerns.”   “The people of the 24th Congressional deserve someone who represents them and not special interests in Washington, DC,” declared Allison, “and my campaign will be about the people in cities and neighborhoods across Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.  The Barack Obama campaign, which I was privileged to have been a part of, has shown the difference we can make block by block and street by street.  With the help of an incredible campaign team, we will bring change to CD-24 and begin the important work of improving education, reforming healthcare, jumpstarting our economy, providing green jobs and alternative energy and supporting public safety.”

The Tim Allison for Congress Campaign would like to thank his committee.

Co-Chairs of the Tim Allison for Congress Exploratory Committee:

Leo Valenzuela-Ventura County Labor Leader

Jill Martinez-Former Congressional Candidate & Chair, Ventura County Central Committee

Daraka Larimore Hall- Chair, Santa Barbara County Central Committee*

Sue Broidy-Regional Director of the Democratic Party* (Region 10)

Members of the Tim Allison for Congress Exploratory Committee:

David Atkins-President, Ventura County Young Dems*

KK Holland- Vice-President of Administration, Ventura County Young Dems*

Joyce Howerton-former Mayor of Lompoc

Mike Getto- Obama Precinct Specialist

Sherry Holland-Obama Phone Bank Organizer

Cheryl Hermann- President of the Santa Ynez Democratic Club*

Ron Suckle-President of the Stonewall Dems of Ventura County*

Sandra Kinsler-President of the Ventura Democrats

Brian Leshon-Communications Committee Chair, VCDCC

Steve Cummings, Treasurer of the Working Blue Democratic Club*

Debra Dent-CD 24 regional coordinator for the Obama Campaign*

Jay Kapitz- Obama Delegate to the Denver Convention

Sandy Emberland of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley* and Obama Delegate

Bill Gallaher, Supervisor Zaragosa’s office* and fmr Chair, Ventura Cty Dem Party*

Sharon Hillbrant, Fmr Chair Ventura County Dem Party*

* all titles for identification purposes only and are not used to suggest organizational endorsements.

The Democratic primary race is bound to be interesting: already in the mix are 2008 Democratic primary winner Marta Jorgensen, my fellow young Democrat Shawn Stern, and Moorpark College Professor Marie Panec.  Also a wild card is the possibility of the entrance of Jim Dantona into the race, as he wavers between running for AD-37, CA-24, Ventura County Supervisor (in a reprise of the race he lost by under 1,000 votes to the execrable Peter Foy), or none of the above.  Dantona and Allison had a greater conversation at a recent labor fundraiser I attended, and it seems that Dantona is leaning against a CA-24 run–though politics being what it is, that could change.

Contrary to earlier reports and rumors, previous Democratic candidate Mary Pallant (whom I served briefly as online outreach coordinator) will not be filing to run as of our last conversation, and interim Ventura Party Chair and 2006 primary winner Jill Martinez will not be running, having already endorsed Tim Allison.

CA-24 will be a major uphill battle no matter who comes out the primary: Elton Gallegly, while one of the least effective and laziest members in all of Congress, has managed to keep a low profile and stay out of political hot water for the most part, winning 59% of the vote in a district that bucked its Republican registration advantage to vote for Barack Obama.

3 thoughts on “Tim Allison Officially Expresses Intention to Run in CA-24”

  1. He will be a true asset to the area. He is a far more compelling and stronger candidate than Marta.

  2. I’m distressed by the fact that we can’t ever get elected officials to run for the seat in CA-24. Where are the Democratic mayors, county supervisors and state legislators?

    Even school board and water district commissioners would be better than the “political activists” who have stepped up to the plate for us in the past.

    I believe that disenchanted conservatives can be pried away from the incumbent if they’re offered an alternative who has earned the approval of other voters for some kind of a seat somewhere before.

    Marta Jorgensen kept Elton Gullible from reaching his usual 60% with no campaign at all. Imagine what a candidate with a political track record, like Supervisor Steve Bennett, could do.

  3. she’s been on the board of the Oak Park Unified School District since at least 2002.  She’s also a professor of microbiology at Moorpark Community College and has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana.  I don’t know her personally and have no affiliation with her at all, but OPUSD is a very well run school district.

    Tim Allison has also been endorsed by some people whose views I respect.  This may be a hard primary to decide on a vote, but a very easy general election vote — either one would be a vast improvement over Gallegly.

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