Are You Ready To Go On Tour

I am thoroughly enjoying my tour in the 10th district! Having toured small businesses in Antioch, Livermore and Walnut Creek I have met small business owners who are turning our economy around at a local level. It takes courage to start a small business! The profits do not come on day one. The owners work long hours. Some fill a particular niche in our community, and all are committed to providing the high quality and service it takes to compete with some of the larger retailers.

Saturday, I visited Eric Johnson’s Green Wheelin’ Scooters in Walnut Creek. These are remarkable low-priced electric scooters that look like regular motor scooters, but are defined by the vehicle code as motor vehicles. The scooters travel up to 20 miles per hour and can travel 15-20 miles on one charge. People are buying them as low cost alternatives for driving to work or picking-up a few items at one of our local stores.

The bottom line….we need to do more to support our local small businesses. You can do so by visiting them to keep your money and sales tax dollars local. I promise to do all I can when I go to Congress by making sure our stimulus dollars help Main Street and not just Wall Street. I will work to be sure these businesses have access to credit and other incentives to help them grow and encourage others to start new businesses.

Join me on tour this July and let’s turn our economy around. I will next continue visiting small businesses in Livermore, Dixon, and Fairfield on Friday the 24th. For my complete schedule, visit…