Rep. Woolsey and the Progressive Caucus Remind the Speaker that the Public Option is Not Optional

The Progressive Caucus sent Speaker Pelosi a letter to remind her of the requirements for the largest caucus amongst the Democratic Party in the House.  It must include a robust public option. A snippet:

Madam Speaker, the Congressional Progressive Caucus stand united to provide high quality, affordable and accessible health care choices for all Americans. A majority of our members prefer single payer. Nonetheless, we stand solidly behind our criteria for a robust public otion. We cannot support anything less.

It’s good to see the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party stand up for progressive values every now and again.  The Blue Dogs get a ton of attention, but when it comes down to it, they number fewer than the Progressives.  Progressives have the support of the vast majority of the activists who are doing all of the hard work to win a solid health care reform package. The Blue Dogs have…um, some bucks from the insurance companies?

You can catch the full letter over the flip.

Progressive Caucus Health Care Letter