Help Win David Dayen the State Blogger Award

So, you may have seen Dave’s announcement that he’s getting hitched. Hooray!  

So, we here at Calitics want to make sure that Dave is not only congratulated on that, but on all of his hard work he does as a blogger. And there’s a way to do that: Netroots Nation and CREDO Mobile are holding a Blogger Awards, determined by text message votes.  From their email:

CREDO Mobile and Netroots Nation are teaming up this year on the Blogger Awards program, under which three deserving bloggers will win a BlackBerry Curve smartphone and one year’s unlimited service from CREDO. …

Here’s how it works.  We’ll be awarding one prize in each of three categories — best national, state or local, and activist bloggers. Between now and 10 AM EDT August 15, you’re invited to text in your votes to 27336 (that spells CREDO) in the following format: keyword

bloggername.  Examples:

– National nolantreadway

– state david dayen

– activist maryrickles

So, I’m going to need everybody to text the phrase “state david dayen” (sans quotes) to 27336. If every Calitics reader does this, he is a shoe-in.

Dave really is the hardest working blogger. Not only does he contribute at Calitics, he’s also a contributing blogger at Digby’s spot, his own blog, and any number of other locations throughout the twisted tubes of the Internet.  Please tell as many of your friends, acquaintances, and passers-by. Join the Facebook event page here.

Hopefully, he’s not even reading the Interwebz while he’s off getting married and it can be one big surprise. Yeah…that’s likely!

Oh, can’t forget a tweet. Please retweet me: “Vote for D-Day for state blogger award at Netroots Nation in Pitt next week. Txt “state David Dayen” to 27336. Pls RT!″

3 thoughts on “Help Win David Dayen the State Blogger Award”

  1. David definitely deserves this. I am convinced that he and some other bloggers either are not human or have super powers. There’s no other explanation for the way he manages to write articulate, compelling blog posts at such a rapid rate.

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