We have an opportunity to pass a proposition in November 2010 to overturn the 2/3 requirement to pass the California budget and raise revenue. Right now (1/3 plus 1) of either the assembly or senate can block the will of the majority. Our proposition is simple – one sentence, 14 words:

“All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote.”

Dr. George Lakoff

The CA Majority Rule campaign is dedicated to making this happen. This is your chance to change California history with one simple sentence.

In order to run an effective campaign, we first need to conduct a public opinion poll to aid in our message strategy. George Lakoff has drafted questions and we are in the process of hiring a reputable polling company. We need to raise money to conduct this unique poll.…

Pass to all your lists please.

The grassroots will drag the leadership & electeds kicking and screaming, that’s our job!

Ellis Goldberg

Majority Rule for budget only is a really bad idea

In Silicon Valley we have a marketing mantra “under promise and over deliver”  it keeps customer satisfied.  If a majority for budget only prop passes the voters (customers) will expect an end to the fiscal gridlock from the Democrats since they gave the Dems what they asked for.  However without majority rule for revenue the Dems can’t deliver California from gridlock.  “over promise and under deliver”  is the formula for disaster for Democrats.

Some Key Concepts

Majority rule = democracy = 50%+1

Minority rule = tyranny = protection of loopholes & freeloaders = 33.3%+1 veto

Fair revenue in a wealthy state – revenue lost to loopholes & freeloaders = extreme budget cuts & lost pay for state workers.     getting worse dailyGovernment that fails to empower and protect citizens = dysfunctional state

California is the only fiscally dysfunctional state in the US because of minority rule