State Park Fees to Rise as Closure List Looms

Did you want to go to the state park this weekend? It does sound splendid and relaxing doesn’t it? And, vacations are good for your health. Well, expect higher fees at most state parks.  Some fees will almost double.  The Times has a representative sample of some of those fee hikes. Just another little tax brought to you by the Republican Party.

But while the fee hikes are annoying, they aren’t anything when compared to the specter of the mass closure of our parks.  Park closures are, post budget slash and burn, inevitable. The closure list isn’t supposed to come out until Labor Day or so, but there’s already panic amongst park-goers.  Take the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historical Park in El Dorado County:

Scott Nakaji, superintendent of the Park Department’s Gold Fields District, said the park surrounding the site of Sutter’s Mill on the south fork of the American River likely will close for at least two years unless other funding sources are found.

Operating Marshall park at a minimal level would cost about $760,000 a year. With annual average revenue of $197,000, Nakaji said, approximately $565,000 would have to be raised each year to offset eliminated state general fund money. (SacBee 8/21/09)

The park is actually in the district of Supervisor Ron Briggs, who is fighting the closure.  That name sound familiar? Yup, he’s the son of John Briggs, the proponent of 1978’s Proposition 6 that appeared in the movie Milk. That being said, if you are interested in keeping that park open, you can meet him at 6 p.m. in the park picnic area behind the museum.  

2 thoughts on “State Park Fees to Rise as Closure List Looms”

  1. To avoid park closures they attached a fee to car registrations, much like that John Laird has proposed here in CA. But they gave an opt-out provision, so people can decide to not pay if they prefer not to.

    I’m sure in CA the wingnuts would crank up their email lists to ensure people know to opt-out. But even with that in mind this would generate a significant chunk of money to keep the parks open.

    The closures are going to cost the state more money, and for many parks, are likely to wind up becoming permanent.

  2. … the district but is having a district public meeting Saturday, Sept 5, at 4pm in the same El Dorado county, at the Cameron Park Community Center, 2502 Country Club Dr, 95682,  next to the Library, sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

    He’s been adamant about not seeking funding for his home state and this is impacting local businesses which depend on tourism to these local attractions, and is further decreasing local revenues for all these quality of life things.

    There have also been a LOT of Republicans attacking the Auburn Recreation Area being recognized as a national spot for endurance sports events in the local paper, the Auburn Journal.   McClintock is pushing that stupid dead Auburn Dam idea and thinks this is the way you go about it.

    This is BEYOND stupid and is vindictive.  

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