Feinstein on verge of supporting the Public Option?

So says diarist Stephan Kuttner on DailyKos:

Joe at Senator Feinstein’s local office answered my call this afternoon and let me know that he would pass along my conditional offer of continued support and activism on behalf of many Democratic Party candidates and issues here in San Francisco.

That condition being the Senator’s support for a public option in the health insurance reform legislation, Joe then responded to my followup question – “what is the Senator’s position?” – with pleasant news.

Feinstein it was said is supportive of the public option and has plans issue a statement to that effect tomorrow.

Looking forward to that–if this is true, at least we know that Senator Feinstein won’t object, even if we can’t get her to actually help push a public option through.

Of course, if you want to keep up the pressure on DiFi, the Courage Campaign is leading the way.

3 thoughts on “Feinstein on verge of supporting the Public Option?”

  1. along with Credo Mobile and Democracy for America.  Team effort to pressure Senator Feinstein to come out and support the public option and carry on Senator Kennedy’s legacy.

  2. I called around noon today and the staffer I spoke with said that she supports the public option, but won’t commit to not voting for a bill without one.

  3. that’s good, but I have to say even as someone who reads the newspaper and the blogs, to this day I still have no clear idea what exactly Obama’s health plan is or is not.

    This talk of a ‘public option’ is an example. I mean, to the average person , they are not going to have a fucking clue what that means. it’s insider tech talk that is easy to distort by the crazed right, who are running around calling the plan Hitler and claiming all kinds of nutty bullshit.

    I plan on reading all the stuff at the White House and get caught up, but can’t we call this thing something a little easier to understand? like perhaps the “if we don’t have this, you’ll be forced to buy shitty private insurance and if you don’t we’ll fine you to death, so even though you couldn’t afford the insurance, now we’ll nail you with fines and you’re still fucked” option?

    Ok that’s actually rather wordy and shitty. But you get my drift.

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