Killing Medicare?

The focus of health care reform is looking toward President Obama’s speech on Wednesday, and progressives across the country are working in a whole slew of ways to ensure that a public option is included in that speech.  Meanwhile, the DCCC has some other issues that it wants to point out this weekend.

In various appearances, RNC Chairman Michael Steele has been alternatively a big protector of Medicare, and a big critic. He’s with you and against you seniors!

But Steele is hardly the only Republican who has a problem with Medicare. The Republicans have been trying in one way or another to kneecap one of the must successful programs in American healthcare.  Take a vote from April 2 of this year.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) proposed an alternative budget (beginning at p. 4469) that slashed funding so much as to pretty much assure its death.  And a slew of California Republicans voted in support of this measure. Amongst that group was one Mary Bono Mack whom the DCCC chose to target in this ad.

While the Congress members knew full well that this proposed budget had no chance of succeeding, the vote was an indicator of their plans for the future and where they would take the country if they regain the reigns.  A scary thought…