September 9 Open Thread

Yup, there are links:

• Well, that didn’t take long, the OC GOP establishment already is lining up behind a candidate to replace the resigning Mike Duvall: Chris Norby, an OC Supervisor. It could make you think that somebody had it out for Duvall so they could get a darling of the OC conservatives into office. No, the OC Republicans would never be so devious. The election will likely be in November.

• Dan Walters: Legislators on Meth. Haha, Dan made a funny!

• Poizner and Campbell will be on KGO tomorrow for a semi-debate. Whitman will not be there.

• Apparently we haven’t given enough money to the new home builder industry. Folks, you can’t replace the bubble with the one that just burst.

• Several LA County Supervisors oppose the exceptions to the environmental review for the new stadium.

One thought on “September 9 Open Thread”

  1. …Cash for Clunkers. but we’ll have to require the buyers to turn in their old home mortgage, which will then be recycled as an affordable loan for low-income folks who’ve been foreclosed and evicted.

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