iCarly: The Punchline that Never Gets Old

It’s almost too easy to attack Carly Fiorina. I mean, what with the 19th Worst American CEO of All-Time Award hanging over her head and all, it’s not even that much fun.

But, leave it to iCarly to ensure that we simply cannot stop talking about her.  Her campaign is fizzling even before it officially launches.  Over at righty blog RedState, they have word that Fiorina will not self-fund her campaign one iota.

The takeaway here? Carly Fiorina will not self-fund. Actually, let me give that the all-caps extravaganza it deserves:


Given that the NRSC and Senator Cornyn, in public and private, have touted Carly’s self-funding potential as the major reason for supporting her – despite her record of political non-participation, despite her emerging Iran scandal, despite her lackluster corporate record, and despite her series of foot-in-mouth moments – this is a big deal. We have Cornyn and the NRSC telling donors and big names, “Screw Chuck DeVore and the conservative grassroots, we want Carly’s cash,” and we have Carly telling potential hires, “My cash ain’t coming.”

How inept can the NRSC be? History has yet to record a full answer. And that’s not even the whole story.

And given the extraordinary level of effort that the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) has put into recruiting Fiorina to run, this is rather embarrassing. She cannot hire a campaign manager because anybody worth a lick realizes that Fiorina has no shot without at least some level of self-funding.

She did hire a fundraiser, Marty Wilson, who was very briefly with Poizner’s campaign, and did most of the raising for the Governor’s campaigns. However, it appears that he is finding the going quite tough with a candidate that doesn’t really have the base with her and isn’t prepared to self-fund.

This campaign could, quite possibly, be the most hilarious campaign since oh, hmmm, well, we really do have too many funny campaigns in this state, don’t we? Anyway, it’s gonna be hilarious!

2 thoughts on “iCarly: The Punchline that Never Gets Old”

  1. I mean, what’s her advantage to the GOP if she doesn’t self-fund?  Her charisma?  Her spokespersoniness?  Her business acumen?  

    Does the woman not understand that Cornyn wants her purse, not her?  

    Wow, she is one of the most un-self-aware people on the public stage in California…. and that is saying something!

  2.    She is only going to lose to Babs. Why waste her money? Let DEVOre run the kamikaze mission. The CA GOP is de-evolving as we watch. It is intermittently entertaining. If Chuck won’t run, maybe they could draft “Eyepatch” DuVall…

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