Whose corruption?

I read Bill Hedricks post on Calvert being cited by CREW as being one of the most corrupt congressmen in Washington… again.  On that basis alone, I would wish Bill luck.  But, we should not get too cocky about this.  Remember,  Maxine Waters made the same list for the 3rd time and Laura Richardson has quickly gotten into a position be be recognized.

No party has a lock on corruption and you don’t excuse it for the good deeds done otherwise. Case in point, check the AntiCorruption Republican. Some are still trying to purge the part of the stench of Abramoff.  I would be just like their Washington correspondent probably left the courtroom to go join CREW and watch Tom DeLay on Dancin’ with the Stars.  

I remember Pete McCloskey warning us that politicians are like diapers.  They need to be changed frequently… and for the same reason.