CA-10: Perhaps Pigs Really Do Fly

Lisa Vorderbrueggen at the CoCo Times picked up an some pretty hilarious stuff:

Tenth Congressional District GOP candidate David Harmer touted a new poll in a fundraising email he sent out this week he says shows him beating Democrat Lt. Gov. John Garamendi 49 percent to 32 percent.

I can almost hear Garamendi’s response, which is quoted in the article.  If I were him, I don’t think I would have been able to keep a straight face while the reporter tried to get my opinion about some Republican poll showing a Republican leading by 17 points in a district that has an 18 point Democratic registration advantage.

But Harmer has a rationale for all of this: voters are turned off by the public option!  So, let’s take a look at the primary results to see if that could be the case. We’ll set aside Garamendi’s 25.7%, and look at the rest of the electorate.  21% voted for Harmer and another 13.5% or so voted for other Republicans on the ballot. So, I’ll just grant Harmer that 34.5%.

Now, let’s see where the other 40% of the vote went. Well, 17.6% voted for DeSaulnier, an outspoken public option fan. 12% voted for Joan Buchanan who usually said that she would support the public option. Anthony woods gathered 8.75%, and he really, really supported the public option.  Toss in Adriel Hampton, the miscellanious P&F and Green party candidates and you have the whole shebang.  So to recap.

Votes for candidate who supported the public option: ~ 65%

Votes for candidates who opposed the public option: ~ 35%

Yes, I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is simply shocked at these numbers…which pretty much line up with the national polling showing strong support for the public option. Clearly Nancy Pelosi and that D behind Garamendi’s name are like a bloody albatross around his neck.

…If you look at what Harmer’s touting, it’s a poll that shows him winning 49-32 among people who know who he is.  That’s a very small sample, since he’s unknown.  This is the trick every low name ID candidate uses to prove they can win if they only get the resources.  They never do get the resources, and they lose badly.

Photo from BBS Radio.

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  1. In an interview at the Concord Chamber of Commerce Harmer repeated his full support for School vouchers.  What he did not comment on was that in his last run for Congress in Utah he advocated the abolition of the Department of Education and in his paper with the Cato Institute he advocated that vouchers were just the first step in the elimination of public education in favor of privatized education.

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