Domestic Violence Bill Heads to Governor: Can He Match Moby?

A couple of weeks ago, Dave wrote about Moby’s work to prevent murder and domestic violence in support of a bill by Senator Leland Yee.  Moby’s concert tomorrow at the Warfield in San Francisco will benefit domestic violence shelters.

This week, Senator Yee has made some progress on his front. His bill to earmark money from the crime victims fund for domestic violence shelters has gotten one step closer to reality.

The emergency bill authorized the transfer of $16.3 million to domestic violence shelters. While it doesn’t sound like much, it will likely be enough to keep many of them running through the year.

“Governor Schwarzenegger has put women and children at risk; he will now have a second chance to do the right thing,” said Yee.  “Each passing day only results in the closing of more domestic violence shelters and victims facing homelessness or returning to their abuser.”

“In order to keep the remaining domestic violence shelters open, it is absolutely vital that the Governor immediately sign this bill into law,” said Yee.  “Failure to do so will only result in increased health care, law enforcement and other costs to the state. But more critically, it puts victims of domestic violence and their children in grave danger.”

Schwarzenegger has said that he’s not inclined to sign the bill as the fund is heading towards depletion, but Arnold isn’t known as a man who gets himself dead set on anything.  We’ll see if he takes the initiative to help prevent some very serious crimes.