What Would You Ask Gavin Newsom?

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom isn’t new to controversy, and the decision to publicly endorse a constitutional convention is just that. It’s a big move, but speaks to the underlying need for change in Sacramento. Whether it’s the right move for California is still open to interpretation.

On Wednesday at 5 PM, Calitics will be co-hosting an online town hall with Mayor Newsom.  I’ll be moderating, asking questions, and generally requiring lots of answers about his vision for the state of California, what sort of change he’ll bring, and how he’ll work with the existing structure to bring about needed reform.

So, I’m looking for questions. What do you want to know from Mayor Newsom? Want to know whether he thinks water issues should be in the constitutional convention? Or Prop 13? Or social issues? How would he work with Republican legislators to approach reform?

Lay the Qs on me, here, on the Calitics facebook fan page, or via twitter (I’m @Brian_Leubitz).  

We’ll have the Ustream available on Calitics Wednesday at 5 PM; you can also catch it at Ustream.com/GavinLive. Full details and RSVP information over the flip.

P.S. If any other statewide candidates are reading this, and would like to do an audio or video live stream with myself or another Calitics editor, let me know. I’m very interested in bringing the candidates to the progressive netroots.

RSVP information.  

You can participate from your own computer on facebook or http://Ustream.com/GavinLive and ask questions.

What:    Online, Video Town Hall with Mayor Gavin Newsom and Calitics.com

When:   Wednesday, October 21 at 5:00 pm

RSVP:  GavinNewsom.com/onlinetownhall (appreciated but not required)

I hope you will join us online this Wednesday, October 21 at 5:00 pm for this discussion.  

10 thoughts on “What Would You Ask Gavin Newsom?”

  1. Questions:

    (Background) Some of us think that the only way you can gain traction against Jerry Brown is to loudly and proudly proclaim and full throated REFORM effort for the structural governance of California.

      1.  What do you think of that campaign approach?

      2.  If you were to campaign on that platform, what would it sound and look like, specifically?

      3.  If you were to campaign on that platform, in all seriousness, how can progressives work hard for you in faith that you will govern how you campaign?  

      (I.e., The reference is to lingering “character” concerns out there, even among hard headed progressives who otherwise typically don’t put much stock in “tabloid”-style election coverage.)

  2. How will you streamline the regulatory process so businesses can comply with the regulations our state has with the least pain possible.  

  3. …limited experience vs. that of Jerry Brown and explain why the voters should support you instead of him.

  4. You’ve been known as hostile to the legislative branch of city government during your tenure, and you’ve also been known as someone who breaks his word when deals are cut. How will this help change Sacramento, which has been poisoned by such behavior under Governor Schwarzenegger?

    During your tenure as mayor, you have repeatedly stolen mass transit funds and moved them into your own office to pay for PR people, and used them to fund other departments. Governor Schwarzenegger illegally looted state transit funds for several years. Both of you repeatedly tout your green credentials. Why should anyone believe you’ll be any different than the current Republican in office, and will you be willing to sign your name to commitments to real budget reform that restores transit funding?

    oh I could go on, but who cares, right? he’s a good looking guy and he jumped on the bandwagon and photoshopped a Constitutional Convention sign only after he was told it was OK to do so….

  5. Will you adopt (or have you already adopted) the Clean Campaign Pledge requested by the county Democratic parties of both San Francisco and Los Angeles?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

  6. I’d ask how Mr. Newsome proposes fixing the state transit funding problem, after that pesky lawsuit.

  7. 1.  Do you support eliminating the 2/3rds requirement for raising taxes?  

    2.  Your proposal to turn around California’s failing economy is to invest in “transportation, infrastructure, housing, education, biotechnology, the green economy and other 21st century technologies.”  Given California’s ongoing budget crisis, how do you propose to pay for these investments?

    3.  As Mayor of San Francisco, you supported restructuring the city pension plan to limit the plan to 20-year employees only.  Do you support a similar limitation for state workers?

    4. Do you support Proposition 98’s funding formula for education?

    5.  What education reforms do you support, if any, to enhance California’s application for federal Race to the Top funds?

    6.  On water, you have said that there must be “greater focus on environmental impacts.”  What “greater focus” do you propose, and what would say to an unemployed farmer in the Central Valley who disagrees that any “greater focus” is needed?

    7.  According to recent polls, even San Francisco voters favor Jerry Brown over you.  Why is that?

    8.  Few would describe your relationship with San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors as cordial.  As someone with no previous Sacramento experience, why should voters trust that you’ll be able to work with legislative leaders (including Republicans) to accomplish your agenda?

    9.  Do you support expanding San Francisco’s Healthy Families Initiative to cover the entire state?  

    10.  Quoting Tony Robbins, you have said that “I’ve always believed we’re nothing but a mirror of our consistent thoughts.”  What does that mean?

  8. The huge positive response to Alan Grayson’s head-on attacks of Republican lies about healthcare demonstrates that there is a hunger for politicians who will fight for the average person.  The first way to fight for the average person in California is to change the 2/3 rule about raising taxes.  Your new campaign ad talks about changing the 2/3 rule without specifying whether it is just the budget or both budget and taxes.  George Lakoff has proposed making the fight over the 2/3 rule in California a fight over majority vs. minority rule.  Are you willing to do that by clearly coming out in favor of and fighting for majority rule on both budgets and taxes?

  9. Before holding a constitutional convention at this time we need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of achieving the objectives we project. What studies of been take that reflect that despite California’s vast contrasts in interests we can make positive changes?  

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