I’d Wholeheartedly Support This Guy for Governor

Would you vote for a candidate for governor that said this:

The big lockup is about drugs. Here’s the real scam. The drug war is one of the games to get more convictions and prisoners. There’s a lot of chemicals out there and when certain ones are made illegal, they become a huge profit opportunity and bring violence, crime and more people to imprison.

Or this:

He called capital punishment “state murder” and said U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Democrats, had “sold out” U.S. truck drivers by letting their Mexican counterparts drive uninspected vehicles into the United States.

These are the words of a progressive populist. A candidate that could unite the base by speaking truth to power. It would be a campaign of ideas, a campaign about working towards the future we want, the future we dream of, not building the future that we fear.

These are the words of one Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr. Better known around these parts as just Jerry.  These remarks are from lectures pulled up from his old We the People website. The Sacramento Bee, with a little help from Gavin Newsom’s poobah, Garry South, pulled these from the dark recesses of the intertubes. The offending