Arnold: Judges Are Obnoxious…Except When They Agree With Me

This is one of the more outrageous quotes that you’ll see from our Governator:

“They are going absolutely crazy,” Schwarzenegger said of judges. “So we have to have a very serious conversation with the federal government, because they have to let us run the state.”

“Whenever they agree with me, they’re right, very simple,” Schwarzenegger said wryly when told they sometimes rule in his favor. “When they don’t agree with me, they’re wrong and they’re interfering with our governing of the state.” (SacBee)

I’m not sure what to say about this. The judges are doing their job, enforcing the law.  Arnold would like to be above the law, or at least all-powerful against the law.  Messed up as our Constitution may be, it does not yet grant the Governor dictatorial powers.

It must be frustrating when you are used to simply blasting your opponents with a ray-gun, but the judiciary is there for a reason.