Why not the climate?

The polling numbers from the Pew Center for Research indicate that there has been a falling off in belief that our climate is really becoming warmer and even for those who acknowledge that fact, that human activity is the main reason. The Pew numbers show slight decreases for Republicans and Democrats and a very big decrease for Decline to State voters.

I don’t think that it is fair to blame the scientists.  They have said it again and again and even said it again to all of Senate this week. However, I think that most people are just not interested and don’t see it affecting their daily lives.  

I tried a little experiment this evening to test that hypothesis.  This blog is filled with people who consider themselves progressives.  Most are Democrats.  A few, like myself (Green) are not. So, we would think that the level of concern for climate change is relatively high.

If I do a search of Calitics for the term “climate change” I find 373 entries.  When I do the same for the term “health care”, it goes to 1890 – a little over 5 times as many. Here is my take.  The most important thing that we can do to have a positive effect on the health of millions is to solve the problems of global warming… not change our insurance carrier.

Around the world, the International Climate Day of Action from 350.org has started.  I wrote a column for the local paper… it will run on Tuesday.  What have the rest done to reverse the trend in public opinion?  What will you do for 350.org?  

One thought on “Why not the climate?”

  1. I’m very involved in climate, but almost everything that I do on that issue is posted to DailyKos without x-posting to Calitics.  For 350, I helped teenagers organize a recycling event (entirely their idea — smart, organized, energetic kids), then participated in a DailyKos blogathon.  If I write a climate story with a Cal angle, I will x-post here.

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