Unbecoming Of A Governor

At the San Francisco Democratic Party annual gala, it was something of a scene when Arnold Schwarzenegger crashed the joint. Specifically, Tom Ammiano’s comments, caused some stir when they were heard around the Capitol.

PhotobucketYou might have thought there would have been some repurcussion. A bill vetoed that you wouldn’t expect.  And that was the case as AB 1176 was vetoed.  But the SF Bay Guardian thought the veto message was a little bit odd.  And after reading the bizarre message, they played a little codebreaker and figured out this little juvenile prank.

Ignoring the fact that he vetoed a bill that he probably should have signed in order to allow financing to go forward on several projects along the San Francisco waterfront, how low can this governor stoop? Implanting secret epithets into veto messages?

Certainly the Governor will either stonewall, or toss out some aide who will get a public flogging. But this is on him. Getting called some names at an opposing party’s fundraiser is to be expected. Could you imagine what people would say to Barack Obama if he strolled into the California Republican convention? “Kiss my gay ass” would look pretty darn tame and uncontroversial.

But to enshrine this garbage into the public records of our state?

It’s beyond unbecoming, and Arnold should personally apologize.

16 thoughts on “Unbecoming Of A Governor”

  1. News flash, the governor is a thin skinned douchebag.

    if a democratic governor (remember those) showed up at an OC GOP party event, do you think the response would have been golf claps and roses?

    I think not.

    The fact that the GOP considers it acceptable, and even a badge of honor to say “you lie” at the State of the Union and question the President’s citizenship and patriotism in a time of war means it’s fair game for people to tell the Austrian born “governor” to fuck the hell off for lying his way into office and then fucking the state up big time.

    I realize as democrats we’re supposed to kiss ass to the GOP in the name of “being bipartisan” but that’s like saying “please and thank you” to a barbarian who is trying to impale you on a spear.

  2. The Governor was invited.  Hell, he married a Kennedy kid, he was among his own people.  The appositive employed by Ammiano sounded, to me, like “faggot”.  It certainly fits; but, I have to give him credit for honesty, most of the Republican operative class are openly closeted.

    A pox on the lot of them.

    Cuba will be free before we are.

  3. He is a governor who, I believe

    earnestly, should be removed.

    Suddenly we find ourselves in an

    unfortunate situation involving large

    cuts to the budget.  I do not

    know how our state services and

    schools will survive with him in office.

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