Gee, You Think Legislators Make Better Decisions In The Light Of Day?

Over the past year, the Legislature has seemed to go into marathon session after marathon session. There have been several sessions lasting nearly 20 hours this year dealing with the various budget gaps. And then there was the water marathon.  Thus, we get this from the Bee:

Early – very early – one morning last week, state Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod wandered to the back of the ornate Senate chambers and expressed a feeling shared by many of the other people in the room.

“I would rather stick my finger in a light socket,” she said, “than spend another hour in here.”

The Chino Democrat’s observation was colored by the fact that it came at around 3 a.m., during an 18-hour legislative session on overhauling the state’s water system. (SacBee)

This just isn’t good governance. Ignoring the question of whether the legislators are tired, there is also the fact that actions taken in the middle of the night are far less transparent. Legislators can’t get input from stakeholders and the general public at 3 AM. While I understand the dramatic nature of the all-nighter for purposes of forcing compromise, there has to be a better way than something you’d see on

And, legislators, take the advice from the “Health Guru.” You are probably better off to think ahead and lay off the Ritalin!


3 thoughts on “Gee, You Think Legislators Make Better Decisions In The Light Of Day?”

  1. One little battle we’re fighting here in the OC surrounds sale of the OC Fairgrounds, a midnight deal squeezed into the budget, where the directors of the Fair board are planning to form a corporation to piratize the property.

    If there had been public scrutiny or hearings, this stinky deal would have died a quick and painless death. Now it’s a growing scandal that’s one more chimera of the Worst Governor Ever’s budget shenanigans.

  2. they even vote approval of measures yet to be written.  I vote Yes… we trust you to go fine tune the text and let us all go home to sleep. And so it goes.  SBX7.2 had such additions and corrections after the vote.    

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