DiFi Attempts to Tame the Public Option

Sen. Feinstein’s role in the health care debate has always been a bit mixed. I don’t think that changes with the recent public option discussions, but she has been seen pushing some sort of public option in the media, particularly in a Hill article entitled “Durbin, Feinstein Rally for Public Option.” Of course, with DiFi, it’s never that easy. Yes, she’s going to bat for the public option, but apparently by pointing out how weak it is.

“You have the vote, and I think the vote will decide,” Feinstein said, referring to the nature of Saturday’s procedural vote, which is far from a final vote. “To not to vote, to not to consider this question… America’s in serious problems with respect to healthcare. Virtually every other developed country has a better system than we do. Ours is costly, in places it’s ineffective, it’s deeply troubled, and the time has come to really see that people who have no insurance can really get insurance.”

Feinstein touted the phased-in nature of the bill, noting its small-business tax credits start immediately while more controversial aspects such as the public option component come online in 2014.

“The bill, in a sense, is incremental,” she said. “We can watch it. We can change it. The important thing is, we debate it… We’re at the beginning of what is a great national debate.”

So, yeah, good stuff in the abstract, it makes for a good top line. But, dig a little deeper, and you get a bit squishy.  But, that’s DiFi. While this health care plan will not solve all of our problems, it does stand a lot greater chance with DiFi than without her.  

3 thoughts on “DiFi Attempts to Tame the Public Option”

  1. Keep the rhetoric and compromise away the reality.  It is what she is so good at.  When one examines most of her compromises, the results have been not much different that they would have been had Trent Lott done the deal.  

  2. At least she’s not out there pulling a Blanche Lincoln and trying to torpedo the PO, or a Tom Carper and trying to saddle it with a trigger. DiFi should be making stronger statements about the public option than this, but as long as she’s not pushing triggers or something else similarly toxic, I can probably live with it.

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