Go ahead, Senator Cedillo. Destroy the last shreds of your tattered reputation.

This will be brief.  It is with amusement that I read from Capitol Weekly’s Twitter feed that Senator Gil Cedillo is intent on challenging John Perez for his Assembly seat now that he is termed out of the State Senate–even if Perez is elected as speaker, which is an outcome that is looking increasingly likely.

Keep in mind that last time we saw Gil Cedillo, he was engaged in a mean-spirited, borderline racist, and completely mendacious campaign for the 32nd Congressional District against newcomer Emanuel Pleitez and current Congresswoman and former Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu.

There are a couple of things that really stand out to me about this.  First, I was under the impression that Senator Cedillo had already served his terms in the Assembly from 1997 until 2002.  If he’s contemplating running, he obviously has some eligibility left, but how could it extend beyond one term?  I would appreciate enlightenment on this issue. (UPDATE by Robert: According to Capitol Weekly, Cedillo has 1 term left – he replaced Louis Caldera in 1997 when Caldera became Army Secretary under Clinton.)

Second–challenging a sitting Speaker of the Assembly who is also a Latino with roots in the labor movement to move to the lower house?  Whose support, endorsements or fundraising does he really think he’s going to get if he pulls a move like that?  He certainly won’t get the support of the CDP, or the prominent members of the local party.

And lastly, after the hit that the Senator’s reputation took in light of his disastrous campaign for Congress, why would he want to follow that up by challenging a sitting Speaker when we have an opportunity to have several uninterrupted years of continuous leadership in that position due to the fact that we’ll apparently have a Speaker who isn’t in his last term?

Sometimes, I guess, the thirst for an office convinces people to do things they probably shouldn’t.  This is one of those cases.

3 thoughts on “Go ahead, Senator Cedillo. Destroy the last shreds of your tattered reputation.”

  1. Just as with so many of these capitol folk of either party, it’s all about him. Not us.  

  2. Perez had talked about leaving his seat this year and although the Mayor and Cedillo are no longer talking, it was assumed they would basically trade seats.  This new possible speakership is a complication and would have to be worked out, but I doubt it will ever come to that.  Gil is a much better person than you give him credit for and he just listened to the wrong consultants in his congressional race.

  3. Can someone please tell me why this guy is even thinking about going to the Assembly?  What are you trying to prove Gil, that you can still fight?  De la Hoya can still fight but he knew that he would only get his ass kicked if he stayed in.

    NEWS FLASH – It’s not about you!!!

    Congratulations Speaker-elect Perez! I look forward to the next couple of years of stable leadership.

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