Enough with This Garbage: Confirm Maldonado

From Tony Quinn, a Republican strategist, commentator, and author of the Target Book:

The likelihood is growing that the Democratic legislature, in a fit of partisan pique, will turn down Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nomination of GOP Sen. Abel Maldonado to be lieutenant governor – at least that’s what the capital rumor mill says.

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But there one way for Schwarzenegger to ride to the rescue of his embattled nominee: triggering the nuclear option. And what would that be? Schwarzenegger should make it clear that if Steinberg and company reject Maldonado, he will see to it that the proposal titled: “Reduces Legislative Session and Pay by At Least 50 Percent” makes it onto the November ballot. (Fox&Hounds)

Really? Again with the we’re not going to confirm St. Abel stuff? Did you not read our letter? Clearly we needed to reiterate: Confirm him. Sure, he’s obnoxious, but a simple pro-con analysis yields some simple results.  

Confirm Maldonado.  Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Enough with This Garbage: Confirm Maldonado”

  1. Maldonado has a very weak record on equal rights for gays and lesbians.  He voted against domestic partner rights, and against equality in insurance coverage.  He did change his mind and vote in favor of the Harvey Milk Day bill this year, but he undercut that vote by saying he views Milk as a “capitalist and entrepreneur” who was only coincidentally gay — and by emphasizing that the bill does not actually require teachers to say that Milk was gay.  Really, Abel?  That’s pretty pathetic.  We don’t need any more statewide officeholders who are opposed to the basic civil rights of gays and lesbians.

    So there are pros and cons to both confirming and defeating.  If he’s confirmed, it opens up a senate seat, but creates the possibility of him actually becoming governor, and gives him an incumbent’s ballot description for 2010.  If he’s defeated, he’s kept out of high office for now — but then runs as a martyr in 2010.

  2. Arnold endorsing p/t legislature and 50 percent pay cut initiative?

    Why would we be shaking in our boots about that? Arnold is at 26 percent approval and voters dont trust a word he says.

    That said, agreed on the Abel confirmation. But let’s get something for doing it other than a crapshoot at a Senate seat gain.

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