Awww…Poor Audra Strickland

It really is a shame to see somebody like her ripped away from a job for a detail as small as lacking any relevant experience for the job. But, it appears, that this unfortunate scenario will be played out upon Asm. Audra Strickland’s campaign for Ventura County Treasurer-Tax Collector:

State Assemblywoman Audra Strickland’s campaign for Ventura County treasurer-tax collector appears to have ended almost before it began, with the county Board of Supervisors’ vote today to require an educational or professional background in finance for the position.

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Under the new policy, candidates for treasurer-tax collector must meet one of the following requirements: experience in a “senior financial management” position at a public agency; a bachelor’s or graduate degree in business administration, public administration, finance, accounting or a related field, with at least 16 units in accounting or finance; or certification as an accountant, financial analyst or cash manager. (Ventura County Star)

Education? Experience? What, are these supervisors a bunch of elitists?

One thought on “Awww…Poor Audra Strickland”

  1. Those qualifications are taken directly from the Government Code.  The idea was that folks in those positions ought to be qualified. What a shock!

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