County Blows the Whistle on Schwarzenegger Fraud Boondoggle

In the midst of a budget crisis, our governor spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on an anti-fraud campaign for the IHSS homecare program, even though there is no concrete proof of widespread fraud in the program. Fortunately, our friends in San Luis Obispo see through this politically motivated boondoggle:

Count San Luis Obispo County among those saying “Thanks, but no thanks,” to an offer of state money. Last week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced $26.5 million in grants to fight fraud in the In-Home Health Services program. But the county’s social services director, Lee Collins, told his local newspaper he wasn’t going to apply. The county would have to put up $30,000 it can’t afford, and there’s no significant fraud in the county’s program, he said.