(Cutting) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

For the last time, thankfully, our governor is trying to sell us a pig and a pony…excuse me, I mean a pig in a poke.

The overriding theme of his State of the State message was “jobs, jobs, jobs.”  Oh really?  Frank Mecca, executive director of the California Welfare Directors Association, took a closer look:

“The Governor says he wants to create jobs, but devastating cuts to the social safety net have killed jobs and dimmed the employment prospects for tens of thousands of California families and children. The Governor’s cuts to child care and support services for CalWORKS families will diminish the chances of finding work for almost 40,000 families, and his threatened elimination of the In-Home Supportive Services program will put 350,000 people out of work instantly and increase California’s unemployment rate from 12.3 to 14.2 percent…”

Maybe he thinks he can create 350,000 “new” jobs by selling off the prison system?