Darth Norby brings his Dark Side of the Force to Sacramento

PhotobucketSome of my favorite posts from Chris Prevatt at LiberalOC are anything Darth Norby.  I really just love his artwork and the frame.  Norby was no friend of the working man during his time at the OC Board of Supervisors.

Yesterday, Orange County voters elected him to replace Asm. Mike Duvall.  Handily defeating Democrat John MacMurray, Norby should be sworn in to the assembly over the next few days.  But, from a functional standpoint, the empty seat will likely be the same thing as the votes of Chris Norby.  He’ll likely be in the minority of most contentious votes. But you can’t ignore Norby’s libertarian streak. It’s not really Goldwateresque, but it’s there.  On occasion, Norby can be a bit unpredictable.

At any rate, I hope to see Chris Prevatt’s Darth Norby image frequently in the future.  

One thought on “Darth Norby brings his Dark Side of the Force to Sacramento”

  1. I agree with your assessment of Norby.  He spent around $250K to win this seat and will have some political debts to pay.

    I also found it interesting that Green Jane Rands polled close to 2X the number of registered Greens in the 72nd AD.  There is some degree of voter dis-satisfaction with the status quo that is still active.. even in Libertarian heaven Orange County.  

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