Anti-Earth Politicians Make Big Push to Repeal AB 32

Today seems to be the big day to make a media blitz of sorts for the plan to repeal AB 32. Take this choice morsel from the Senate Republican caucus in their email “briefing report”:

The term “global warming” has recently shifted to “climate change” (thus allowing the alarmists to blame any change in weather/climate on humans).  Few deny that climate change exists; change is a defining characteristic of climate.  Whether mankind causes climate change and has the ability to overcome natural forces to stop it is another story.  It should be remembered that CO2 is a gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere.  It is exhaled by humans, and is absorbed by trees and plants to produce oxygen, is not toxic and in fact, is essential to life on earth.  The growing body of evidence suggests that CO2 impact on climate change is marginal (if there is an impact at all).  Additionally, it has been revealed that much of the data to support AGW heretofore has been manipulated, skewed and compromised to support a highly politicized environmental-industrial complex.  The scientific “consensus” of AGW does not exist.  The state ignores this reality at its own peril.

Except, oh, right consesus does exist. It is called the 2007 IPCC report, a report that surveyed all the literature, a great deal of scientists, and a whole mess of data.  To quote the IPCC:

“Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.”

The Republicans counter back with some junk science bought and paid for by the oil companies, and just try to muddy up the waters enough so that they can pretend that the consensus is just a bunch of nerdy eggheads who don’t step outside. Meanwhile, the Sacramento Bee has a profile of Asm. Dan Logue, who is shepherding the AB 32 through the initiative process. After they get done with their comparisons of Logue to Peter Falk’s Columbo (the visual similarity is kind of hard to miss), they move on to the thornier issue for Logue: he hasn’t the resources to get this measure off the ground.

But Logue has not yet started gathering signatures and his drive is gasping for money – lots of it. He says he has $600,000 in commitments, but none has been collected, and $1 million more is needed. (SacBee)

Logue is facing a very steep battle here. There are many industry groups opposed to repeal, and the CalChamber has yet to come out either way.  But, in terms of money, Logue is going to face the biggest test there.  You see, Arnold Schwarzenegger views AB 32 as central to his legacy in California. Repeal would be the complete repudiation of what little big change he has accomplished in the state. You can be sure that Arnold will do his damndest to ensure that no big donors give to this POS.

No doubt that there is a lot of right-wing craziness out there right now. And they are certainly itching for a fight on AB 32, but whether this actually gets on the ballot to be considered, let alone passing, is an open question. Nonetheless, if you care about the climate change issue, the November 2010 election could be critical with or without this repeal. Meg Whitman has already signaled her intention to suspend AB 32 as soon as she gets a chance. The right-wingers have two cracks at the apple here, and only one needs to succeed to set our state back from our position as a leader on the fight against climate change.

Oh, and just as a toss-away in the Logue story, and a fact worth knowing about the man, the Bee mentions one of his big achievements as a Yuba County Supervisor: attracting a Wal-Mart to Marysville.  I’m sure the local businesses sincerely appreciated his efforts.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Earth Politicians Make Big Push to Repeal AB 32”

  1. With 12.5% unemployment, there’s no reason for this job-killing monstrosity to stick around.

  2. AB 32 is the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which set the 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law.  It directed the California Air Resources Board to begin developing discrete early actions to reduce greenhouse gases while also preparing a scoping plan to identify how best to reach the 2020 limit.  The reduction measures to meet the 2020 target are to be adopted by the start of 2011.

    Source: California Air Resources Board

  3. When Lady Sarah is up in Redding, feeding the masses with pablum like “climate change is snake oil science” you begin to understand.  It is sort of like trying to get Republicans to understand that bipartisanship does not mean getting a few Democrats to join you in a chorus of “No”.  

  4. We are looking to jettison Logue and turn AD 3 Blue. His last race before The Assembly- Yuba County Supervisor- he won by 31 votes out of 1800 cast but spent $100,000 to beat an unfunded candidate. His pick to run against another Supervisor was an old Bar fighting buddy of his who kept illegal slots in his Olivehurst Bar. The AD went 49% McCain to 48.3% Obama with a large Nader and McKinney vote. LOGUE can be retired – just help us out when we ask. And yes we have 2 credible candidates running so that’s no excuse.  

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