Why Does Carly Fiorina Hate Jobs?

We’ve all had a good laugh at Carly “Failorina” and her completely inept campaign, particularly the lame websites and shockingly bad ads. But those are merely the surface reasons why Fiorina needs to be kept as far away from elected office as possible. Today she reminded us just how damaging she would be in the US Senate – and how harmful she would be to Californians and their economic fortunes.

The Senate today passed its version of the Jobs Bill which, while far weaker than it should have been, is a good start. Even 12 Republicans voted for it, including Fiorina’s new hero Scott Brown. Fiorina immediately criticized the bill’s passage in a press release:

Today’s vote represents yet another missed opportunity to pass a real jobs bill that cuts taxes or institutes a real suspension of the payroll tax – either of which would free up small businesses to hire people. Instead, the Senate opted to pass what amounts to nothing more than an expensive extension of the failed stimulus plan.

You mean this failed stimulus? The one that’s created or saved over 2 million jobs?

Of course, that IS the real reason Fiorina believes the stimulus failed – that it created jobs. To Fiorina, job creation is actually a bad thing. Higher unemployment is a very good thing, since it benefits the wealthy and corporate interests she represents. She claims the stimulus is a problem because it adds to the deficit, but the deficit is only a problem if you think raising taxes on the wealthy to deal with it is undesirable, as Fiorina surely does.

As we saw when Fiorina ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground as its CEO, she believes jobs are bad for the economy. She called offshoring “right shoring” and said that there is no “god given right” to a job. As with her former CEO counterpart Meg Whitman, Fiorina appears to be making higher unemployment as a core element of her campaign.

With Fiorina’s statement today, her stance is clear: she thinks Californians should have fewer jobs, because anything we might do with government to help create jobs would wind up hurting the wealthy, and they’re the ones that really matter in Fiorina’s world. Good to know.

One thought on “Why Does Carly Fiorina Hate Jobs?”

  1. Is there any evidence that tax cuts create jobs?  If it were the case, we’d be forced to step over all the Bush tax cut jobs created in 2001 and 2003.  Tax cuts do, however, mean higher profits, as all manner of evidence shows.

    It’s consumer demand that creates jobs, and unless and until consumers have confidence in their emplolyment, and wages that exceed bare necessities all the tax cuts in the world wont help a damn bit.

    Finally, it’s past time to call bullshit on right-shoring, right-sizing and other too-polite terms for getting rid of anyone else’s job.  I recall no end of caterwalling when Carly was handed ‘her’ pink slip.

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