CA-Sen: The Republicans Debate

Listen live to the radio debate between Republican candidates for US Senate Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore. So far Fiorina is hitting Campbell for being “anti-Israel,” DeVore calls these “unsubstantiated accusations.” However, DeVore continues to hit Campbell anyway on this, saying Campbell has pattern of being “pro-Islam.”

I’m eating Indian food while I listen, otherwise I’d pass you the popcorn.

…Fiorina and DeVore are playing “attack the front-runner.” Campbell is on the defensive, and though he sounds reasonable, I wonder if he is out of his depth in a GOP primary full of wackos and wingnuts who insist on insane radicalism in their preferred candidates.

…Campbell supports an Israeli attack on Iran, which most sensible observers would view as a truly reckless and dangerous act were it to occur.

…Eric Hogue asks Fiorina, who says “we should be very concerned about Iran,” about allegations that HP traded with Iran in violation of the embargo while Fiorina was CEO. Fiorina says “HP has been in compliance with all US law” – she did not deny HP sold printers to Iran, merely that HP broke any laws.

…so this debate so far is ALL about the Middle East. Do any of them realize that we are in the middle of the worst recession in 60 years? Do they even care, or is Islam-bashing more important than job creation? Hogue says he’ll “sneak in economics” before the hour is over. I’m sure the ranks of the jobless will appreciate the crumbs.

…apparently this debate was billed as a “foreign policy debate.” Further evidence of how deeply out of touch the GOP and wingnut talk radio is. Guantanamo Bay (which all the candidates are saying works just fine) is an important issue, but what really matters is their approach to the economic crisis. This is just a bunch of “I’m more of an anti-Islamic warmonger than you” nonsense, which is revealing but not surprising.

…now they’re talking about the status of Jerusalem. Obviously the most important issue on the minds of all Californians.

…finally they get to economics. Fiorina says “the tax burden is too high, must be cut.” Of course, the tax burden is actually way too low on the wealthy and on corporations. But this is going to be a “bash Tom Campbell” moment for his votes on taxes, where he has been open to higher gas taxes. Fiorina says Campbell will be “the Dems’ 60th vote in the Senate.” Unfortunately, I don’t think Dems will be anywhere near 60 after the November election.

…Campbell and Fiorina fighting over whether Fiorina endorses internet taxes. But all three agree that we need less federal spending, meaning less schools, less parks, less health care, in order to give wealthy investors a capital gains tax cut. Good to know.

…closing statements. DeVore says any Republican can beat Boxer, so pick the most wingnutty. Campbell says we need to cut federal spending to create jobs (because not having health care means more employment…somehow…). Fiorina calls for cutting taxes, cutting spending, say we need someone who can beat Barbara Boxer (which as the polls indicate, isn’t any one of you). And this debate is finally over.

Winner: Israel, which is now apparently the most important issue at home or abroad in the Senate campaign

Loser: Californians, who could be stuck with one of these morons as our Senator unless we work our ass off to reelect Barbara Boxer this fall.

One thought on “CA-Sen: The Republicans Debate”

  1.  Boxer getting beat by one of these morons?

    There some stupid Califorians but not nearly as many “dumb” enough elect somebody like Scott Brown (A true politician, look at his state voting record) and DeVore is NOT Scott Brown.

    We need three key things and Boxer needs to be sent back to Congress. We need an Energy Policy with TEETH for one thing.


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