More on Ashburn’s History at the Sacramento Gay Bars

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, an Assembly candidate who was ultimately defeated by Mariko Yamada, has come out swinging against Roy Ashburn.  The insteresting part of this, Cabaldon’s Facebook status update from six months ago:

It wouldn’t bother me so bad to see Roy Ashburn at Badlands with a boy if he didn’t have such a bad voting record on gay rights.

Cabaldon appeared in an interview on Sacramento’s CBS13 news program, and is now apparently big news around the gay blogosphere. Looks like Roy Ashburn is getting the full Larry Craig treatment.

The interesting thing here is that Cabaldon, and basically gay male in Sacramento, knew about this guy months ago. Ashburn always was a creep, but now, there are people tracking down his “passenger.”

Boy Culture has new information that suggests Ashburn’s mystery passenger is an openly gay 29-year-old San Jose man (he looks several years younger) who was visiting Sacramento for work and who did not know Ashburn is a senator. He is a Latino, which fits nicely with the supposition that Ashburn was picked up outside Faces-Tuesday was Latin Night. (BoyCulture)

For future reference, if anybody sees a Republican “family values” Senator at a gay bar in Sacramento, feel free to post a diary here at Calitics. I’m a little hesitant to write up anonymous emails, but if somebody else wants to write about their first hand experience, Calitics is a community blog that accepts content of all stripes.

One thought on “More on Ashburn’s History at the Sacramento Gay Bars”

  1. voce folksy:  You know…

    I’ve got a brother who still works for the Republicans and he stated that some of his clients were upset about his PR work in favor of prop eight.

    My response was:

    PR work?


    voce alzondo: Republicans?

    voce fruity:  Hellll-oooOOOO!

    Everyone knows about the dominion those who commit pederasty hold in the California Republican party.

    There is no room for the homophobic, anti-abortion, classic Western liberal in it anymore. But I thought your types had rules discouraging involuntary disclosure of their lifestyle choices.

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