Debra Bowen has a challenger

The race for Secretary of State has a new entrant. The Republican side was already fielding Damon Dunn, a wealthy developer. And now leader of the Birthers, Orly Taitz has filed to run as well.

The Orange County Register is reporting that Taitz filed her paperwork and has qualified to run in the Republican primary. As you are probably aware, Taitz is obsessed with proving that President Obama is not an American citizen and, therefore, not qualified to be President. Apparently the President isn’t the only person who is unqualified, in Taitz’z opinion:

n launching her campaign to be the state’s top elections official, Taitz is alleging that fellow Republican candidate Damon Dunn, a former NFL player living in Irvine, is ineligible to seek the GOP nomination. She says he’s committed voter and election fraud.

Taitz told me this morning that she’s running “to clean up the fraud we all have seen in the 2008 election. It is important to bring legitimacy to elections. And I will be fighting to ensure the California corporations are not overburdened by regulations.”

California already has, in my opinion, the best Secretary of State in the nation in Debra Bowen. She’s competent, dedicated and an asset to the State. Maybe you stop by her webite Debra Bowen For Secretary of State and make a donation.

7 thoughts on “Debra Bowen has a challenger”

  1. This is good news. A couple months ago, George Skelton showed his love for Dunn’s performance as a football player by writing a fluff piece about Dunn’s candidacy.

    Taitz is bound to sling mud in all directions, including on Dunn.  

    Debra Bowen is one of the best public servants in the nation and the best SoS.  

    Let the Republicans lead with candidates who don’t vote and other’s who don’t accept reality.

    And we’ll re-elect a Democrat who both knows her job and does it with excellence.

  2. Republican leaders are sobbing uncontrollably right now.  They worked so hard to put together a slate of candidates that had gender and ethnic diversity.  And now they could get a nut case to ruin the group photo.

    They don’t dare disrespect her for fear of offending the Tea Party types.  They don’t dare enbrace her for fear of…well they would much rather wave to her at a distance.

  3. She loves accusing everyone else of being ineligible and incompetent, when she’s made mistakes and tried to commit fraud herself. That aside, I agree about Debra Bowen, she’s done a terrific job, I’m glad I voted for her last time around and will do so again.

  4. Orly Taitz?

    Orly… Taitz?!?

    Versus Debra Bowen?

    It’s like…  Well, I don’t know what it’s like.  But it’s barking hilarious!

  5.  Look those morons on the other side name call with the best of them and this claiming higher ground has gotten you NO PLACE.

    You depends on getting the dis-interested to vote. But looking at the current state of affairs both in California and Nationally, why would poor people give too flying f’s about either party????

    You need to get down, dirty and nasty with those people and tell the truth. That most of them if not all of them are clueless, unintelligent and at the core bigots or racist.

    Just has Keith has pointed out on his show several times, just ask the Tea Party and Republicans –

    Where the Black and Brown People?

    They have no answer and they know it, that is all you really have to do is point out that both the Tea Party and Neo-Conservative Republicans are both Lilly White Parties.

    You need to punch this party in the mouth, its plain and simple. We need to send a signal that we will not take their nonsense lightly, will attack at any point and any turn.

    This is for the future of California and the United States, Conservationism has ruined this country.


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