Meg Whitman is Hiding Something

What else can we assume from the fact that she is now flip-flopping on releasing her income tax returns:

Meg Whitman is now saying she will release only a summary of her tax returns, falling short of her initial offer only two weeks ago of releasing her full returns over 25 years.

In comments to reporters after her appearance before a taxpayers’ group, Whitman, the former CEO of eBay who is running for governor, said she might release “a summary statement of the returns,” while conceding her campaign team hasn’t worked out details. (Political Blotter)

If Meg Whitman is constantly shifting her stance on disclosure and transparency already, how can Californians trust her in office?

2 thoughts on “Meg Whitman is Hiding Something”

  1. I trust that should Ms. Whitman succeed in buying the state she will continue the Brazilification that Arnold has begun.  She will look out for the interests of wealth and privilege.  She will reduce taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals.  She will continue to denigrate, then decimate public employees.  She will help the private, for-profit education bizness.  She will bring absolutely no governmental experience.  She will not play nice with others.

    You can trust her – as far as you can throw her (in my opinion).

  2. All the folks at Princeton trust good old Meg and Griff.

    They’ll stop all this pesky class warfare that’s trying to take money away from the Ceonistas and banksters.

    Tax the rich, my word.

    Why instead we should eliminate the capital gains tax entirely.  

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