Don’t Let Meg Whitman Break Her Promise


In mid March, Meg Whitman made a promise to the voters of California to release her tax returns.

But she just broke that promise and flip-flopped on releasing her tax returns. Despite her TV ads telling us otherwise, it’s clear Meg Whitman neither means what she says or says what she means.

In recent days, the San Jose Mercury News, Monterey County Herald, Vallejo Times Herald, and Marin Independent Journal  have all called on Meg Whitman to keep her promise and release her tax returns.

Why is Meg Whitman flip-flopping on releasing her tax returns?

We simply don’t know what Meg is hiding. But now, you can help us find out.

Today we are beginning a coordinated action campaign to demand that Meg Whitman release her tax returns, and we will be doing it out in the open-unlike Meg-in a place where everyone can see it: on Meg Whitman’s Facebook page.

Please visit Meg Whitman’s Facebook page right now, become a fan of her campaign (Don’t worry, you can remove yourself from her fan list a few minutes later!), and then leave a comment on her wall asking Meg why she hasn’t released her tax returns.

Some examples of possible comments are:

“Meg, why haven’t you released your tax returns? California voters deserve to see what you are hiding.”


“Meg, please don’t break your promise to let California voters see your tax returns. We want to know who we are voting for.”

And it’s as simple as that.

Two weeks from today is tax day. We all have to file our tax returns and we are calling on Meg Whitman to stop flip-flopping and release her tax returns by April 15.

Please visit Meg Whitman’s Facebook page right now, and help us hold Meg Whitman accountable.

Thanks so much! We couldn’t do it without you!

Team Level the Playing Field