Mercury Insurance: Spending Money to Lose Money

This basic theme is really elemental, and puts the lie to Mercury Insurance’s claims that they are trying to save consumers money.  Here’s the situation, stated as simply as possible.

  • Mercury Insurance is a big auto insurer whose goal is to make a profit.
  • Mercury Insurance has given over $3.5 million for the initiative, most of the funding to get Prop 17 on the ballot and the campaign up to this point.
  • Mercury says they want to be “able to offer a discount” to drivers with continuous coverage, but won’t charge more for those without that continuous coverage. Thus, they would make absolutely no money off the initiative, and would actually lose money.
  • See #1 about their goals as a business.
  • Now, why exactly would somebody believe this? That they are spending $3.5 million to save their customers money?

    In actuality, they want to be able to force people to keep up insurance while they are away from their cars.  Soldier who is out of the country on deployment? Better keep that insurance or you will face jacked up rates when you come home. Move into the city and don’t need a car? Better keep that insurance or you will face jacked up rates in case you change to a job that requires a car commute.

    Enjoy the video and pass it around. Once people see the logic they are trying to sell, they’ll swat this away.

    One thought on “Mercury Insurance: Spending Money to Lose Money”

    1. you can quit mercury. I did because of their meddling in referendums.

      bad enough the have a lobbyist army.

      moved to another insurer and immediately saved money (15% on Homeowner) on multiple policy discount and then I got my car insurance for the next 6 months and it is $100 cheaper.

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