Meg “Buy It Now” Whitman Spends More Money Than All 2007-08 Cycle Gov. Candidates

In the 2007-08 campaign cycle, 14 states elected a new governor (and lt. governor).  146 candidates ran for those positions, and 60 of them self-financed. But none of them were Meg Whitman.

In a new report by CalWatch, the numbers for those 60 candidates are compared to eMeg.  And the numbers aren’t all that shocking.

60 spent a combined total of $47 million financing their own campaigns.

With her most recent “incremental investment” of $20 million this week, Whitman has now pumped $59 million into her own campaign, and there are still seven months to go before Election Day. (CalWatch)

Of course, compared to Mike Bloomberg’s $109 million to win the Mayor’s race last year, it’s still a relatively small amount. However, Meg still has several months to go, never underestimate her ambition…or her bank account.