Special Elections: AD-43 and SD-37

There were two special elections yesterday in fairly partisan districts, and we missed them. Sorry about that.  Let’s start with Republican-heavy SD-37:

Bill Emmerson (Rep) 36,507 41.61%

Matt Monica (AI) 3,884 4.43%

Anna Nevenic (Dem) 7,524 8.58%

A. B. Guerrero (Dem) 6,283 7.16%

David W. Peters (Rep) 2,036 2.32%

Justin Blake (Dem) 12,253 13.97%

Russ Bogh (Rep)        19,247 21.94%

The bolded names are the ones that will go on to the next round of elections, which I believe will be combined with the June 8 primary. This was to fill the seat of former Senator turned Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit.  Emerson, a right-winger by any standards currently represents AD-63, and will be the favorite in the next round of elections. However, Justin Blake is a really bright guy, and a pretty good candidate. Obviously, this is a long shot for him, but check out his website for more information.  

In AD-43, several Democrats are vying to replace Paul Krekorian, who left for the LA City Council.

MIKE GATTO             DEM                10,584    32.34

SUNDER   RAMANI        REP                       10,403    31.79

NAYIRI NAHABEDIAN      DEM                                 7,298    22.30

CHAHE KEUROGHELIAN     DEM                                 4,444    13.58

So, it’s going to be Gatto, who had a big money advantage over his closest competitor Nahabedian.  Mike Gatto has been Rep. Brad Sherman’s chief of staff, and is not the most progressive candidate ever.  This district has a heavily Armenian electorate, and while it votes for Democrats, you can occasionally get some interesting contests.  Gatto, barring some major upset, should cruise to the seat in June. The only question will be whether either of the Dems try to continue their campaigns on into the June 8 regular primary for this seat.  It usually doesn’t happen, but you never know with special elections.

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