In Ron Nehring’s World, the Future’s So Bright, You Have to Wear Rose-Colored Shades

Party 2006 % 2010 %
Democratic 42.7 44.6
Republican 34.6 30.8
Decl. State 19.9 20.1
First, the good news on voter registration stats, in the 60 day registration report, there are more Dems, less Republicans, and a few more DTSers.  You can find all of the data in the stats at the SoS site, but here’s a quick summary to the right.

Now, here’s where the rose-colored glasses come in. When asked about the numbers, California GOP chair Ron Nehring had this to say:

California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring said the party has made slight gains since the start of the year, going from 30.75 percent of registered voters in January to 30.8 percent in April.

Nehring said more voters are identifying themselves as Republicans in the state and the rest of the nation.

“We’re climbing while the Democrats are falling,” he said. (SJ Merc)

First of all, 30.75 to 30.8 isn’t even a rounding error. It’s the same number rounded to the next place.  Furthemore, even if he was going to argue from the January position, the numbers are exactly the same for the two parties.  So instead of trying to help Nehring out with the numbers, I have a better idea.  I’ve come up with a few possible other big whoppers to tell when you are desperate. And, remember, no need to mess with reality with this.

Congratulations to the NCAA champion Cal basketball team!

President McCain is very fond of California Republicans, he said he’ll get the presidential phonograph spinning a tune just for us!

El Presidente Shwarzenegger is the best EVAH!

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  1. Actually its funnier than that. First of all due to all the special elections in Red Districts they haven’t been able to purge in Riverside County. Secondly there is the voter reg scandal involving petition gatherers tricking, browbeating, and just secretly registering students as reps against their will in Orange County. The OC Register has documented 165 cases which makes fraud account for 7% at least of the Rep’s gain of 2181 statewide since January.

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