Whitman Can’t Buy Her Way Out of the Goldman Sachs Charges

There was a lot of interesting comments at the GOP debate for governor. A lot of crazy on immigration issues and a lot of magical thinking on budgetary issues.  But that’s for a different discussion. The exchange, and the charge, that is working right now against Meg Whitman is simple. She is a profiteer who put her own personal fortune over the best interests of her company and its shareholders.

I’ll let Steve Poizner break it down for you:

Everytime this clip, or Poizner’s ad, is played, you can practically hear voters turning away from MoneyBags Whitman. She is part of a kleptocracy that thinks they can have what they want, when they want it. They are entitled, and Whitman thinks she’s entitled to the governor gig.  Her staff practically said as much when they demanded that Poizner drop out of the race.

Frankly, I have no favorites in the GOP primary, they are both far too conservative, and would move the state in the wrong direction.  And it is really hard to tell which one is more out of touch with Californians. Could it be the Goldman Sachs billionaire or the man who thought $450,000 homes were the “wrong side of the tracks?”  

It’s a tough call.