Wherein I Thank Jeff Denham

Prop 14 has made some crazy bedfellows. Like today, when I was reading my news feeds and I was forced to stop, look around, and say, well, thank you Jeff Denham:

Sen. Jeff Denham, R-Merced, transferred $50,000 last week from his Senate campaign account to a committee to oppose Proposition 14.

As The Bee has reported, the very vocal opposition to the “open primary” proposal has yet to show significant signs of life when it comes to raising cash to back a campaign. The California Republican Party has launched a No on 14 Web site, but has yet to contribute to one of four accounts opened to oppose the measure, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State.(SacBee)

Of course, the Governor hasn’t been sitting back on this one. This crazy system is one of his key “reform” measures that he’s been targeting. At last check, he’s plopped down over $3 million bucks into the campaign to get this thing passed.  

So, on this one, Jon Fleischman, the rightwing blogger at Flash Report, and I are in complete agreement. This will lead to a less functional government, not a more functional one.  It strips the parties of their right to choose for themselves who will be their standard bearer. And it will create additional costly fights within the Democratic Party.  If it was applied in 2008, Democrats would have faced 6 Dem-on-Dem general elections, while there would be only one R-on-R general.

So, thank you Jeff Denham. Excuse me, I need to take a shower now.

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  1. Denham’s move was the right one. Let’s hope more money comes in to fight the idiocy that is Prop 14!

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