Prop 16 Films

We mentioned this yesterday in the open thread, but since the folks at have gone full out and made a whole series of HD videos, I think it is worth its own post.

You can check out the whole series of them, but this is one of my favorites at the site.  The open thread has a good summary video, and over the flip you’ll find a video in Spanish.

PG&E & PROP 16* from No on Prop16 Films on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Prop 16 Films”

  1. I’ve seen is all the PG&E Propaganda for Yes on 16, The NO campaign seems to have put exactly 0 ads on TV, Just relying on their website alone, No I’ve vote NO on 16, I’d love to contribute money, But I’m overdrawn at BofA(Bank of America) by $52.20 and I’m desperately trying to raise that as soon as I can on ebay(Look for a Belkin KVM and the seller is “superjoker09″(that’s Me)), Its at $55.00 and I just lowered the reserve some, I have to have enough for $48.66 plus shipping, As I have $3.54 cash in My pocket), I’ll be charged $35.00 every 5 days for being over drawn at the Bank(I’m a totally disabled person who gets by on ssi(supplemental security income) and Yes I’ve got forms coming from My two US Senators to complain with. And thats enough of My venting, Sorry Robert. 😮

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